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Ingenuity Soars

Whether you want to spend more time focusing on your patients, reduce your medical billing errors and increase revenue, or need an EHR/practice management software, we’ll develop a strategic plan that will drive your practice.

Stimulus ready EHR

Team Chart Concept (TCC) conforms to your practices, grows as your needs grow and will make you job easier. With TCC, you will enhance time spent with patients, increase the number of patients seen per day and see a return on investment.

Simply everything

Your office can focus on patient care, while your billing comes to us. We take care of the rest.

Increasing revenue

Handling the entire billing process, we help alleviate costs and hassles. We have an aggressive follow-up policy regarding unresponsive, rejected and partial pay claims. When we submit claims, 98% are accepted by the payer on the first time.

Real people, extraordinary outcomes

Our team is an extended arm of your practice, and they are real people in a real office. Your business is not outsources overseas.

You are simply a phone call away. Our experts are ready to answer your questions. We’re even willing to come to your office. Call us at 866-885-1150.